Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose us as your financial planning team?

We are 100% independent and have access to literally thousands of investment alternatives. Our independence allows objectivity for your financial plan. We are not employed by a firm like many other advisors are; and who recommend that firm’s proprietary products to clients which may or may no be in the client’s best interest.

How are we different?

We at CoreNorth understand the importance of surrounding ourselves with the right independent intellectual capital to best serve our clients. Our team of Planners work together to focus on designing a roadmap for clients to meet their goals. We strive to alleviate stress from market decisions and life’s uncertainties to help provide balance in life and allow clients to focus on family, career and fun. When you walk into our office, you will sense no pressure to buy a product or sign anything. We want one thing, and that is a chance to build a long term relationship built on open communication and trust.

What credentials and expertise do we have?

Our Financial Advisors have 6 – 30 years plus experience in the Financial Services Industry. We carry certifications of CFP®, LUTC, ChFC®, CLU®, RICP® and Qualified Kingdom of Advisors™.

We specialize in finding what area each client needs our expertise in and then delivering the tools needed to restore the vital balance and financial strength needed in those areas. Some area of expertise include Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Business Succession Planning, Transitional Planning, etc.

We believe in taking the time with our clients to build relationships, grow their comfort level and educate them to become knowledgeable investors with a clear plan for their financial goals.

How do we get paid?

Every situation is unique and we believe that our process will help us together best determine the scope of our relationship. Through our first step consultation and connection, we will determine the most suitable fee structure for our clients based on their goals. Many clients will choose a fee-based financial plan or a fee-based investment platform, some may find it more efficient to choose a retail commission mutual funds breakpoint method, or to obtain reductions in feed by consolidating accounts. You will have full transparency of fees after we explore your options based on your situation.